50 Pc Fruity Loop Type Cereal Silicone Mold. For Resin| Wax| Candle Embeds| Soap Silicone Mold|

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Realistic fruit-e loops silicone mold. Mold for candle Wax, Soap and Resin.
This mold makes 50 ununiformed, different sized fruit loop type cereal embeds.

The silicone we use is flexible and durable. It's library shelf life is measured in decades compared to other cheaper silicone.The silicone is superior quality, doesn't smell, doesn't stick and unmolds with ease, but it's not food grade. 

Not for Food. NOT FOOD GRADE

They will think they’re real.


Molds have been tested with wax (Paraffin/Soy Blend) and resin. 

Consider your material & skills in the materials you are working with and always be very careful when removing the mold pieces to avoid breaking the pieces.

Time for manufacturing takes 1-3 business days.